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áAttention!á áClick Hereáfor theá2016-2017 Bell Schedule.
AP Govpol US: 3
Instructor: Vanessa Aranda   
AP Gov/Econ Music Video Projects
"All My Life" by Caleb Bates and group

"Sue" by Jefferson & group

"Constitutional Values" by the Zweigles

"Econ During Wartime" by Aaron & group

Econ Friends Theme Song by Saumya & group
Political biographical sheet
Fill out this this form at the link below
Released AP Gov exam slideshare link with answers and analytics
Released exam with answers and analytics
McGraw-Hill Short Online Practice AP Gov online Exams
Practice Quizzes made up of 25 questions.

AP Government Practice Test (Barron's)
Executive Actions
White House Website: Executive Actions (Continually updated list of executive orders and executive memorandums)

What's the difference between executive order and executive memorandum?
Final Exam High Scores
Congratulations to final exam high scores!
Chase Bernardy, Dylan McGee, Alexa Smith, Jackson Shiell
Danny Oshiro, Connor Wise
John Park, Cameron Kroetz, Johnna Vickery, Breanna Blackey
Jonas Poggi, Erin Doolittle, Morgan Glaub, Jefferson Touth
Happy Thanksgiving Break! Check Homework Section for Assignments and EC
Chapter 6 and Chapter 10 Required Reading & Reflection due Monday, Dec. 5 (Online submissions accepted any time until Dec. 5). See Homework section for specific instructions.

Optional Extra Credit (How I Studied) due Friday, Dec. 9.

60 multiple-choice question, closed-note final exam for AP Gov will be given on Friday, Dec. 9 with one opportunity for a re-take after school on final exam minimum days.

Make sure you have an AP Economics textbook checked out.
Chapter Seminar
6 Groups (about 5 people per group)
Ch. 14- Congress, President, and the Budget
Ch. 15- Federal Bureaucracy
Ch. 17- Economic Policy
Ch. 18- Social Welfare Policy
Ch. 19- Healthcare & Environment Policy
Ch. 20- Foreign Policy
- Powerpoint/prezi/google slide with each slide giving information on a different chapter objective
- List of key terms with visuals (poster) - in your own words and elaborate beyond handout
- 10 question kahoot review game for your chapter (create at
- 3 Policy recommendations you would make based on your chapter content and current state of U.S.
Agenda Week of Nov. 14
Bring textbooks Tuesday, Nov. 15 AND Block Day

​Mon., Nov. 14:
Lab time to work on seminars (Ch. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, or 20)​
Tues., Nov. 15: Lab time to work on seminars (Ch. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, or 20)
Block Day, Nov. 16-17: Political Preferences & Voter Behavior; Policymaking Seminars
Fri., Nov. 18: Policymaking Seminars

AP Micro begins after Thanksgiving Break
AP Gov 60 question closed-noted multiple choice final exam will be after Thanksgiving Break
We will review and write AP Gov FRQs once per week until the AP Exam
Top 10 Predictions & Projections
Elected Offices
1. Jonas P., Nezla S.
2. Tony R., Erin D.
3. Breanna B.
​4. Mariella P., Aidan Brassfield, Hosanna B., Ryan H., Mario V.

Accuracy of Electoral States to Presidential Candidates
​1. Jonas P. (90%)
​2. Natalie Rees, No Name (88%)
​3.Patrick C., Aidan B. (86%)
​4. Dawson M., Chase B. (82%)
5. Maya S. (80%)
​6. Tanner R., No Name (78%)
November AP Gov Schedule
Fri. Sept. 28: Media lecture/Pol. Party Time

Mon. Oct. 31: Media/Elections & Voter Behavior
Tues. Nov. 1: Present campaign commercials to our class; Pres & VP candidate speeches (1 minutes) to our class
Block Day. Nov. 2-3: Campaigning to Other Classes (7 minutes, $5 campaign limit per class - "treats" must be have political party or candidate theme, emblem) p. 2/3 - Gardner, Shinnerl, B Ducey, M Aranda, p. 6 - Shinnerl, Cose, Bradberry, Gamez; Elections & Voting Behavior​
Fri. Nov. 4: Mock Townhall Debate; Congress, President, & Budget

Mon. Nov. 7: Unit 3 Exam (Ch. 7-Media/Political Agenda, 8-Political Parties, 9-Nominations/Campaigns, 10-Elections (not voting behavior), 11-Interest Groups) Our class votes. Campaigning finance records due ($30 million per major party).
​Tues. Nov. 8: GENERAL ELECTION DAY!!! Mock Electoral College
Block Day Nov. 9-10: Congress, President, & Budget handout (bring textbooks); Federal Bureaucracy
Fri. Nov. 11: Veteran's Day, No School

After Thanskgiving Break, we begin AP Microeconomics, but will review/practice AP Gov FRQs once per week until the AP Exam
Week of Oct. 3-7
Mon. 10/3: Roles of the Presidency & Cabinet limits
Tues. 10/4: Executive Cabinet Notes
Block Day 10/5-6: Chapter 13 Presidency Overview and Discussion
Fri. 10/7: Video and Review

Mon. 10/8: Midterm 60 MC (Textbook Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 13, 16) Closed-note
AP Gov Midterm & 1st Quarter EC option
60 Question Multiple Choice Midterm (closed-note) on Monday, Oct. 10
Extra Credit (Optional) Binders collected on Monday, Oct. 10
Both midterm and extra credit binder points are entered in "multiple units" grade category.
Extra credit binder must include:
-Labeled dividers for Units 1, 4, and 6 (see website folders for titles/topics of units)
-key terms, notes, handouts, and additional assignments for each unit
Computer Lab Instructions
Select a podcast to listen to. You may work on other things as you listen to the podcast (i.e. Court Simulation task, research, powerpoint, written argument, etc.).

Homework tonight: Please make sure you finish the podcast before posting a response. Response should be posted prior to class on block day.

Your online discussion task for this podcast will be an online socratic seminar. This means that you will engage in an academic discussion surrounding the topics addressed in your podcast, fueled by student-generated questions and responses. At minimum, please post at least two thoughtful and well-developed contributions (may be any combination of questions and/or responses).
Civil Rights & Liberties Exam Top 10
Congratulations to top 10 high scores on Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Exam
#1. John p.2, Danny p. 2
#2. Johnna p. 3
#3. Cameron p. 2, Poggi p. 3, Ebube p.3
#4. Chase p. 3, Ally p. 2
#5. Dylan p. 6, Tanner p. 3
Helpful Youtube AP Gov Review Sites
If you find that watching or listening to video clips helps you learn/review content, here are some youtube sites designed for AP Gov students:
* Crash Course Government & Politics:
* MyCitizenU:
* Hip Hughes History:

Agenda Week of Sept. 12
Mon. 9/12: Review Civil Rights & Liberties video clips
Tues. 9/13: Civil Rights & Liberties Exam (60 MC in 45 minutes)
Block Day 9/14-15: Go over Civil Rights & Liberties results, Practice FRQs, Intro to Chapter 16 (partner jigsaw and word web).
Friday 9/16: 12 Angry Men and bring textbooks to work on Chapter 16 outline
Binder Check for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Block Day 9/14-15 and Monday 9/19
Civil Rights & Liberties unit exam - Monday, Sept. 12
Chapter 4 & 5 Civil Rights & Liberties Exam will be Mon., Sept. 12. ​
It is always recommended that any readings, notes, homework, handouts, etc. are completed by exam day.
#1. Cameron p. 2, Chase p.3
#2. Breanna p. 2
#3. Jefferson, John, p. 2
#4. Nick p. 3, Jackson p.6
#5. Connor, Jason, Erin. p. 2

Schedule: Week of 8/29
Homework: Read and take notes on Chapters 4 and 5 by Monday, 9/12
Mon. 8/29: Unit 1 Exam (Chapters 1 2 3) 60 multiple choice questions (no FRQ), notebook check
Tues. 8/30: Go over exam; Chapters 4 and 5 - Intro to Civil Rights & Civil Liberties, Lecture, Stories from the Edge of Free Speech
Block 8/31-9/1: Unit 1 Binder Check, 27 Amendments Handout, Lecture, Lab for partner presentation, Ch. 4 Key Terms handout
Fri. 9/2: (Rally Schedule): Lecture, presentations on liberties and related cases with graphic organizer
​Mon. 9/5: Labor Day, NO SCHOOL
Tues. 9/6: Finish student presentations; Lecture on Civil Liberties & Rights; Ch. 5 Key Terms handout
Wed. 9/7: Finish lecture
Thur. 9/8: Minimum Day. Senior Assembly. Meet directly in the theatre. OPEN HOUSE NIGHT
Fri. 9/9: Review
Mon: 9/12: Unit 6 Exam (Chapters 4 & 5, Civil Rights & Civil Liberties) 60 multiple choice questions

Week of 8/22 Schedule
Homework: Read & take notes on Ch. 2 & 3. Templates available under Unit 1 Folder.
​Mon. 8/22: Top FORUM responses, Lecture
Tues. 8/23: Key Terms Chapter 2 & 3, Lecture, 4 Corners: Is America the Greatest Country?
Block Day 8/24-/8/25: Federalist readings and socratic seminar
Friday 8/26: Finish lecture, time to work on study guide

Assessment on Chapters 1, 2, and 3 will be on Monday, 8/29
60 multiple choice in 45 minutes

Computer Lab Instructions
1. Request to "join this page" at the top right hand corner (if you are not already a member). I will need to "accept" your request, so it may take a few minutes.
2. In the meantime, read your CHOICE of at least ONE of the online articles under Unit 1 Folder ("How not to Read the Constitution" and/or "Is America the Greatest Country in the World" and/or "Framing the Constitution"). Please do not read the same article your read for the socratic seminar.
3. Take online quiz on this webpage (open-note).
4. Participate in FORUM. Please write a developed and well-written response to at least TWO of the discussion questions. Use key terms from Chapter 1 in your responses. "Upvote" and comment on at least two of your peers' responses.
Forum Guidelines
FREE SPEECH has limits, especially at school. This is an academic forum and the language used is to reflect that. Offensive, inappropriate, or insulting language is unacceptable.
OPINIONS are encouraged. Use facts, readings, examples, and quotes to support claims.
RESPECT what others write and their right to disagree with you.Yes, we can "all just get along," even, and especially, when we disagree.
UPVOTE responses that you "like." Please add a comment explaining the justification for the upvote. USE at least TWO key terms in your own response.
MAINTAIN a responsible and anonymous online presence. Prepare insightful and well-written responses. Social media has made us comfortable with typing or texting short responses that are the first thing that come to mind, silly, or filled with slang. Carefully consider what you write, how you write it, and the impact.​​
Week of Aug. 15 Schedule
Monday 8/15: Chapter 1 Summary, Practice sample exam questions in review books; practice group and individual FRQs, Crash Course AP Gov video clip
Tuesday 8/16: Mini-lecture on Gov institutions cycle, key terms handout
Block 8/17: Supplemental Readings & Socratic Seminar, Declaration --> Constitution Lecture
Friday 8/19: Library Computer Lab - online quiz, readings, FORUM
Week of Aug. 10 Schedule

8/10: Summer Homework, Syllabus, Pacing Guide
8/11: Summer current events, sample AP Gov mc exam, key words and lecture
8/12: Lecture, signed syllabus due

NEXT WEEK recommended 3-ring binder (minimum 1') with dividers
If you are interested in joining Ethic (news production) for 2017-18 school year, let me know!
Check out the website! Looking for artists, videographers, interviewers, photographers, social media, writers, and leaders!

Quiz #1: Intro to Gov
To take a quiz, you must be logged in and a member of the class.
No "Homework" exist(s)
 Unit 1: Intro to American Government
(Constitutional Underpinnings), 5-15%
Chapters 1, 2, 3
1. Ch. 1 Key Terms handout (8/16)
2. Ch. 1 Notes (8/12)
3. Political System Notes (8/16)
4. Reading Seminar Write-Up (8/17-8/18)
5. Ch. 2 Notes (Declaration to Constitution) (8/17-8/18)
6. Balancing the Constitution handout (8/22)
7. Chapter 2 Notes (HW assigned 8/22)
8. Chapter 3 Notes (HW assigned 8/22)
9. Chapter 2 Key Terms (8/23)
10. Bill of Rights notes (8/24-25)
11. Federalist Papers notes (8/24-25)
12. Chapter 3 Key Terms (8/24-25)
13. Chapter 3 Federalism Notes (8/26)
14. Constitution Scavenger Hunt (8/26)
 Unit 2: Citizen Preferences
(Political Beliefs and Behaviors), 10-20%
Ch. 6, 10
 Unit 3: Linkage Institutions & Policy Agenda
(Political Parties, Interest Groups, Elections, Mass Media), 10-20%
Ch. 7, 8, 11, 9
1. Class notes on Elections and Campaigns
2. Class notes on Political Parties
3. HW Notes on Ch. 9
4. HW Notes on Ch. 8
5. Group Campaigns Seminar Handout (all topics)
6. Individual Seminar (when returned)
7. Electoral Tie annotated reading handout
 Unit 4: Policymaking Institutions
(Congress, President, Courts, Bureaucracy), 35-45%
Ch. 16, 12, 13, 14, 15
1. Class notes for Ch. 16/Judicial
2. HW notes for Ch. 16/Judicial
3. Class notes for Ch. 12/Congress
4. HW notes for Ch. 12/Congress
5. Class notes for Ch. 13/Presidency (Roles, Executive Cabinet)
6. Class notes for Ch. 13 Presidency
 Unit 5: Public Policy
(Policymaking), 5-15%
Ch. 17, 18, 19, 20
 Unit 6: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties
Ch. 4, 5
1. Amendments handout (9/1)
2. Ch. 4 Key Terms Handout (9/1)
3. Ch. 4 Civil Liberties class notes (assigned 9/1)
4. Ch. 4 Civil Liberties HW notes (assigned 8/30)
5. Liberties & Cases chart/notes (9/2)
6. Ch. 5 HW Notes (Assigned 8/30)
7. Chapter 5 class notes (9/6)
8. Chapter 5 Civil Rights Key Terms handout (9/6)
Discussion Topics
Podcast "Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl" (Radiolab presents More Perfect) Posted: Monday, September 19, 2016 at 6:13 PM Discuss
Podcast "Cruel & Unusual" (Radio Lab: More Perfect) Posted: Monday, September 19, 2016 at 5:00 PM Discuss
Podcast "The Political Thicket" (Radio Lab: More Perfect) Posted: Monday, September 19, 2016 at 4:54 PM Discuss
Blog Entry Student-Generated Questions Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 7:03 PM Discuss
Blog Entry Benefits of Constitutional Interpretation Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2016 at 6:56 PM Discuss

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